“Truth is, the past 3 years I really hated auditioning. Now, I love it again. Been having a blast. Thanks Mike. So much fun! – Luciana Carro – Actress
“Mike is much more than a technician. He respects our process and helps put whatever emotion and/or intention we are trying to get across on screen. If you’re not in the audition room in front of directors/producers, the best place to be is in front of Mike at Mike Wollin Studios!” – Woody Jeffreys – Actor
“Not only is Mike GREAT at what he does, but he’s also a GREAT guy. He’s top notch and makes the process so easy and stress free. It’s the best working environment you could ask for and he always makes you look and feel good! What more could you really want?” – Chiara Zanni Actress
“If you need to put your self on tape in Vancouver there’s only one guy to go and see, Mike Wollin. I feel calm and comfortable when he’s behind the lens and I know the audition link will end up in my agent’s hands quickly. Keep up the good work Mike!” – Devon Sawa – Actor
“Mike Wollin Studios provides exactly what my clients and I need from a taping facility; great quality footage, easy to use links, wonderful customer service and an understanding that flexibility in terms of scheduling goes along with the territory. Mike is a great guy and his business has proven to be invaluable!”
Matt SchwartzManager – Wright Entertainment
“I have been a working actress for over 20 years and I am often in a position where I have to tape an audition while on location. I’ve have used taping facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Halifax and Winnipeg and in my opinion, no one has ever come close to delivering the quality and level of professionalism that Mike Wollin delivers.” – Lynda Boyd – Actress
“Mike offers creative input and artistic ways of shooting an audition that raises the bar from the rest. He sets a high standard of professionalism in an easy going atmosphere that is pleasant to work in. I’ve always used him as a reader, cause he brings whatever characters you need to life and is right there acting with you; totally present and in the moment. I love shooting with Mike!” – Kim Poirier – Actress
“There is nothing like walking into a taping and not having to think about anything but the work you need to do. Mike is one of the most professional and technically sound people I have ever worked with in a taping session. He also goes above and beyond his job with his honesty, caring support and input on the work. I am not the only actor that thinks I’m incredibly lucky to have Mike Wollin Studios in my corner.” – Aleks Paunovic – Actor
“Mike is by far the best person to go to when I need an actor to self tape. He is the consummate professional and is not only reliable but a pleasure to work with. I would recommend anyone to see Mike; he is great at what he does.”
Shannon Richardson – Agency Director/Agent – Premiere Talent Management
“Not only does Mike create the most professional audition tapes in town – great lighting, outstanding camera work, perfect sound and an easy, user friendly presentation he also has an intuitive, generous way of being with actors in the room and an innate understanding of the sensitive nature of an actor’s work. Simply put, Mike Wollin is where it’s at.” – Sonja Bennett – Actress
“Mike is fantastic, in all respects. Professional, passionate, detail oriented, fast, super knowledgeable, funny. He has gone the extra mile for me countless times and I couldn’t be happier to recommend him.” – Melissa Perry – Casting Director
“When you need an audition taping done right, done fast, and presented in the most professional manner, Mike is the go-to guy! Not only does he do everything possible to accommodate appointments including weekends and after hours in urgent situations, he has a wonderful inviting demeanor and is always willing to provide any insight and work with the actor to create the best audition possible. I have and will continue to highly recommend his services.” – Trudy Aronson – Agent – Premiere Talent Management – trudy@ptmtalent.com
“I have been putting auditions on tape with Mike for at least 5 years. He is awesome to work with, genuine, reliable and highly skilled. Any request you have, he can do in a very short period of time. The best part is that he is very specific about the work he does so that means the auditions you send off always look extremely professional. Mike Wollin is number one for me and I highly recommend him. – Lucia Walters – Actress
“Whenever I need one of my actors to self-tape an audition I always call Mike Wollin. Mike is a pleasure to work with on all levels, I (the agent) love him, the actors love working with him and the casting director on the receiving end of the audition is always pleased with the result. Mike is professional and reliable, efficient and accessible. I’ve never had to phone Mike twice to book an appointment and I can always count on the job getting done the right way, the first time, with every attention to detail. I’m thrilled to see he’s back in business and his services are available again.” – Nancy van Gogh – van Gogh Talent Inc.
“My actors always speak highly of Mike at Mike Wollin Studios. Not only is he fast and efficient, he’s a great guy!! His user friendly website makes it an ease for agents and casting directors to view and download self taped auditions.”
Emilio Salituro – Agent – Lucas Talent
“As a busy agency it is reassuring to know that when a taped read is required Mike is there to make sure it is done right. Whether the actor is a seasoned pro or a newbie to the industry Mike makes sure it is always a comfortable, easy, enjoyable experience. The outcome; a professionally shot audition. Mike is a part of the team, with Mike Wollin Studios, auditions are always presented in the best light. Thanks Mike!!! – Vittoria DeMichina – President – VA Entertainment
“For the utmost in professionalism, attention to detail and quality assurance, Mike Wollin is the only choice to send our actors for their taped auditions.”
Carrie Wheeler – President – Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group Inc.
“The service Mike Wollin is offering is flexible and limitless to the point where he is always willing to take on a challenge to provide the client with a final product that is as unique as they are. I have used this services in a breadth of applications, from filming scenes from a play on location to coordinating an audition which required convincing lip-syncing and a fantastic amount of camera operating flare, which on both counts he exceeded expectations. If welcomed; he will bring his own creative ideas to the table to ensure that the client stands the best chance they can at booking the work. – Andrew Halliwell – Actor
“What can I say!!! Mike just totally ROCKS! All our clients just love working with him when they need to tape their auditions. We have been working with Mike for over 5 years now and he is just super fantastic, not only with his work ethics and professionalism, he is all around a great guy to communicate and deal with. He really does enjoy his work and boy does it show… What can we say?? We Love Mike!!!” – Deborah Gillam Harry
“A gifted editor; Mike is efficient, creative and wise. I have known him in a professional capacity and on a personal level for a very long time. He is always in a great mood and takes a great amount of pride in his work. He’s supportive during a time of intense pressure to be great, as well when the camera is turned off. Mike is a gentleman and supporting creative people is deeply important to him. I plan on turning to him for every audition I need to put on tape. Thanks for being who you are Mike!” – Carrie Anne Fleming – Actress
“Efficiency and reliance served daily is his prominent priority. He effortlessly concocts a comfortable and safe environment for actors to formulate their craft and convey their sometimes opaque intentions. Never once has the stench of judgment ever reared it’s pungent odor, or the sickening dissipation of palpable impatience cast a shadow. He lives and works in a constant state of incandescence, and his energy becomes contagious the more you shower him with monetary restitution. A man of the people and a formidable ally of any thespian. – James Pizzinato – Actor
“I first met Mike some three years ago when my agent in Toronto sent me sides for a strange new Sci-Fi show. I needed to make a self tape, and being new to Vancouver, decided just to go through Casting Workbook. Mike worked there at the time, and even though the sides I was performing were completely absurd, he was polite, honest and professional. A couple years later, after having put many self tapes together with Mike’s assistance, he informed me he was starting his own venture – Mike Wollin Studios. While he was getting organized, setting up shop and such, I was forced to use other outlets for my self tapes. Not to name any names, but was I glad when Mike Wollin Studios was a go! Mike is a first class gentleman and professional through and through. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my audition tapes – that’s for damn sure! – Christopher Russell – Actor
“It was a joy to work with you yesterday! Thank you so much for your professionalism and friendliness! I will definitely work with you again – you are what I call one of “my secret” weapons in acting. I am truly happy that I met you! Thank you again for being so prompt in getting my audition tape out to Mel and for my invoice. You really made it a smooth process for me! There are no words to describe what a delight you are to work with. Best always, – Susie Lee – Actor
“I’ve been working with the Wollinator for my self tapes for over a year with pure joy. Professionalism, punctuality and amazing technical aspects aside, he really and truly has built a warm and creative environment to ensure his clients bring their A-game whether it’s for that standard glossy network thing or your most cutting, raw feature audition. His experience of working with actors has given him the astute ability to get some real gold into the lens and make his clients feel completely at home. Thanks Mike!! – Mark Ghanime – Actor
“Whenever I need to put soemthing on tape my first choice is Mike Wollin Studios, Mike is a rockstar. Best quality in Vancouver. Sienna Bohn – Actress
“You can always count on Mike to get the Job done!” Simon Raymond – Actor
“I love filming my auditions with Mike because he makes me feel like a star. The room is so warm and inviting, I really do think it’s the best audition room in Vancouver. Somehow Mike always seems to work it so that you sound great, and look amazing. Thanks Mike for getting the job done RIGHT!!! You’re a pro!!” – Fiona Vroom – Actress/Producer – The True Heroines
“The auditioning process is stressful enough-the preparation work, deciding what to wear, and spending hours at home “bathroom acting”-the last thing you want to worry about is the energy in the audition room. I’ve completed several self-tapings with Mike and aside from composing beatifully polished tapes ready for presentation, he is happy and willing to spend the time with you filming take after take after take until you are more than satisfied with the finished product, in other words, I never feel rushed. Feeling comfortable, relaxed, and confident is so essential when auditioning, and Mike has a way of bringing these things out in his actors.” – Daesha Danielle Usman – Actress
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